Fishing in the Philippines

fishing in the philippinesfishing in the philippines

Just Wanted to Tease you with This Catch

Is there decent fishing in the Philippines? Though I am not what could be classified as an “avid” fisherman, I do enjoy being out on the water and trying my angling luck. When I first came here I lived and spent most of my time on a small island close to Boracay, where I did get the chance to go out regularly. The fishing I did there was mostly of the “native” variety in which our common practice of rod and reel use was laughed at by the locals and instead the method involved about 100 meters of line wrapped around a wooden spool with a few weights and a baited hook on the end. On days of low current, we would head out to spots known by our local fishing guide and these lines were dropped down to depths exceeding 50 or 60 meters and when a fish was hooked we would madly pull the line in hand over hand until we got the fish into the boat. Most times the catch would consist of groupers like Lapu Lapu, Red Snappers or the odd small tuna, in the 1 – 5 kilogram range and at the end of the day the hands were pretty chewed up and sore from the mono filament line. Once we even had a guest staying at our resort that was looking at the area for guided fish expeditions and though he did come back in one day with a really impressive Barracuda, most long hours he spent out on the ocean were fruitless. All in all, those fishing adventures were fun and a good way to get away from the grind of everyday life running a resort but nothing that I would consider to qualify fishing in the Philippines as something that would interest the more avid anglers.

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When I came to Dumaguete City, I at first figured that would be different as the waters off the coast of Negros Oriental are a known hotbed of marine diversity, but there just does not seem to be any setup or knowledge in regards to decent sport fishing in the area.

Well enter one of the partners, Phil, who is one of those guys that just loves to fish. He is now on the case and tasked with finding some  options for you other avid fishermen out there.

His first trek was out to a place near Siargao Island in the South of Philippines where the Pacific Ocean comes in very deep at over 10km deep! There he found a professional fishing operation which took him out on the water for a few days and he did not come back disappointed. With his success, we here at Philcan Tours have decided that out first tours fishing in the Philippines will be custom designed trips to this hotbed he found and though it will require a little bit of a trek for our customers, it will be guaranteed to keep you interested until such time as we can find something good closer to home here in Negros.

fishing in the philippines fishing in the philippines


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  1. Heinz Schirmaier Reply

    Now That’s what I call a fishing boat! not those bamboo outrigger canoes! I’d go out on one of those anytime!

  2. Russell Jennings Reply

    How many fish were caught per day? What types of fish were caught? what is the price for an 8 hour day on the boat?

    • Gord Reply

      On this trip, Phil went out for 2 days and caught 3 good fish. There wwas a sailfish , a dorado and a marlin. As for price, it depends on how many people is in your group. If you let me know that we can give you a firm price.

      • tracy Reply

        where to fish in dumagute?

  3. jan Reply

    hi gord
    where did you have your boat made or bought ?

  4. Chris Reply

    Hi Gord,

    I am an avid angler currently ttabelling in the phillipines and I am hoping to find an opportunity along my way to do some game fishing.

    I will be travelling to the following locations,

    Bohol – 3 days
    Siquijor – 5 days
    Boracay – 5 days

    Do you know of any charter boat operators that might be available to take me out on the hunt for big fish?

    Sincere thanks,


  5. Nate F. Reply

    Visiting my brother who lives in Dumaguete. Want to go fishing next week. Can you please email me your charter info for two people. Thank You.

  6. Kerry A. Reply

    Hi Gord. I was wondering as to where I can rent a boat for deep sea fishing. I will be in Dumaguete this 27 March until 1 April 2018. I have a slow jigging gear that I am thinking of bringing. Please advise… your assistance will highly be appreciated.

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