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Independent specialized tour operator offering tours in Dumaguete. Offering an exclusive tour experience to Apo, Manjuyod , Siquijor, Valencia including ATV Tours & Beyond with our Dreams Selection.
Dumaguete tours specialistsWell, don’t just hang out too long because we want to bring you on some adventures that will simply awe you. Swim with the huge, but docile whale sharks of Oslob, or travel a little further North to Bais where you will be enchanted by schools of dolphins who just seem to want to entertain you after which you can wade on fine white sand bars and maybe enjoy a meal of fresh seafood grilled to perfection at one of the native stilt cottages.
From there lets travel down South to the world famous marine sanctuaries of Apo Island, where you can snorkel or scuba dive amid one of the premier hotbeds of marine diversity in the entire South Pacific. An encounter with a graceful giant sea turtle is virtually guaranteed!
Once your unforgettable marine adventures are behind you , lets head inland and explore the mountains of Negros Oriental with a tour of Twin Lakes or Valencia where the tranquility of remote waterfalls amid tropical rain-forest will invigorate your belief that paradise on earth, can and does exist.
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Just when you think that your visit to Dumaguete City and Negros Oriental could not get any better, your tour to Siquijor awaits. This Island paradise of white sand beaches, which rival those of Boracay and Palawan, also has a mysterious side with a tales of Black Magic that will intrigue you.
All done? Not so quick ! Before you go you will have to experience a few nights of fun and excitement on the Boulevard. no structured tour here, just cozy little cafes, friendly locals, live music and of course a romantic seaside stroll.
Well , thanks for visiting us in here in Dumaguete, the City of Gentle People, I am sure you will be back and maybe even decide to call it your second home like so many of us.
Hope you try one of our Dumaguete tours!

We have various tours priced between From: ₱1,300