Duration: 6 – 8 Hours
Location: Twin Lakes, Balinsasayao and Danao
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The Twin Lakes, Balinsasayao and Danao, are set amid the jungle and mountain backdrop of the coastal mountains of Negros Oriental, just north of Dumaguete City. When looking to spend a few hours getting away from the hustle and bustle of the city, a tour to Twin Lakes is a spot a where true serenity and peace can be found. Rarely crowded, you can take a private refreshing swim in these cool spring fed lakes, enjoy a canoe tour and then spend a little time hiking in the jungle where you will find secluded waterfalls and wading pools.


  • 7:00-9:00 pick up from hotel (time can be flexible upon request)
  • Driving up to the lakes (take about an hour)
  • Parking on the bottom lake and walk up to the top lake (easy walk takes about 10 min)
  • Canoeing across the lake (Guest don’t have to paddle we got people to do it J )
  • Pick nick lunch and chill
  • Canoeing back to the other side and get back to the van
  • On the way down stop by the overlooking
  • Arriving back to the hotel

The whole tour takes between 6 to 8 hours depend on the customer, how long time they want to spend there


  • Transportation
  • Entrance Fee
  • Kayaking Fee
  • Canoeing Fee