Perhaps Siquijor should be called “The Island of Magical Names” for it’s collection of wondrous titles. A few of these titles are listed here:

  • The Island of Medicinal Herbs – Every year Filipinos and foreigners flock to the island to acquire herbs such as Taginunot, Tagihumok, Duol, Talirunghay, Taliguro, Tagiwili and Manunggal to name a few, these are widely believed to be natural cures for various ailments and also used as potion ingredients on the island.

  • The God’s Secret Island – People in Siquijor Island believed that “Boroboro” the Charm Master, can cure sickness by using a bottle made of glass, straw, and magical stones.

  • The Island of the Black Magic – witchcraft is practiced here and while it can be difficult to find this a few thousand pesos on a full moon will get you a long way

Siquijor is also a beautiful island because of it’s serene tranquility, fine white sandy beaches, green meadows and stunning sunsets.

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Magical Siquijor Island The mystical island of Siquijor sits just off the coast of Negros Oriental, and upon docking you will find you have been...
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